Mentor for people who want to switch to UX / UI design

Doing my best to contribute to the growth of UX in Romania, by training and mentoring people willing to make a change in their lives and determined to join this industry, design and develop the best experiences and products; training them into this field, by sharing what I also learned till now about the industry and solving problems.

More than 60 people attended the UX course, and almost 50% of them transitioned succesfully to the UX field working with companies like Adobe, UX Studio, Cisco, Luxoft, freelancing and more.

Covered subjects:
  • Introduction in UX

  • Research (qualitative & quantitative; analytics; reports, etc.)

  • Product goals, objectives and success metrics

  • Problem framing

  • Personas / empathy mapping

  • Stakeholders/ expert interviews

  • Ideation/ brainstorming / affinity mapping

  • Prioritisation techniques

  • User journeys/ user maps

  • UX collaboration (clients, stakeholders, front-end, team, etc.)

  • Sketching

  • Wireframing

  • User interface design

  • Design systems

  • Design reviews

  • Usability testing

  • Microinteractions

  • Deliverables

  • Prototyping

  • Portfolio

  • Getting hired

  • and more

Projects developed by the students:
  • integration to local platform to help people fill in official documents

  • web app to help people manage their digital legacies

  • mobile app for people who want to adopt or contribute to the wellbeing of abandoned animals

  • mobile app to help people manage all their paper documents

  • mobile app to educate kids about economy, money and finances using gamification

  • mobile app to motivate people to exercise using AR/ VR

  • web app to promote and support people who want to have an “Almost zero” lifestyle

  • mobile app to promote and help citizens with recycling through gamification

  • mobile app helping pet owners connect with vets and their medical emergencies

  • mobile app to help people with medical conditions to eat properly and completely adapted to their diets

  • web app to connect entrepreneurs

  • web platform for people who want a divorce and can’t find the proper information or support for the process

  • mobile app to help people prepare their meals, with what they have in the fridge at a particular moment

  • and more