Product designer, UX mentor and music lover

I am a design daredevil and I like the challenges the UX field brings. I design Digital Products, go well with User Research, Design Systems and customized UX workshops. I introduce to UX and mentor people who want to switch to the field, or just want to learn more about it and grow their careers or departments. I also listen to a lot of electronic music.
Living the UX dream since 2013.


AI-enabled telematics platform
End-to-end platform for leveraged capital markets professionals

Helping clients find new investments, capture flow and win more deals through proprietary investigative journalism, 30 years of data, and predictive analytics.

Helping companies manage their remote assets. Providing the intelligence fleet managers need to take their asset monitoring to the next level.

Worked on several improvements and new features in the product (Tracking, Inspections, HD Data, Sustainability concept); focused on UX research (Improvement suggestions based on analytics, user interviews, user feedback); lead different UX workshops (solution workshop to improve navigation, adapted Design Sprints for new concepts); curated and documented the Design system.

Worked on several improvements and new features in the product (eg. New Intelligence page, Company directory redesign, Template Dashboard to fit multiple products, Organisational profile, Improved filter component, different concepts); focused on UX research (analysing data collected through Hotjar, Piwick, user interviews and leading different UX workshops); worked on the Design System and transition Sketch to Figma.

Icon redesign for a server and site management platform

Graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the "end user". It enables administration through a standard web browser using a three-tier structure.

Made an audit on all icons, explored different design themes, collaborated with the stakeholders and helped them make a decision, proosed preference tests, provided all the icon files and documentation for the project.

Mentor for people who want to switch to UX / UI design

UX Trainer for the Informal School of IT in Romania. The school has dedicated courses for most of the product development areas.

Teached a 4 months UX and UI course to 6 groups, almost 80 people since I joined the Informal School of UX in 2019. Walked them through all the areas of the field, using a lot of practical examples and exercises. Managed their team projects and provided feedback, to make sure they understand both the benefits and the challenges of each product development phase.
Improved leadership skills and learned to manage different types of teams.

Mobile app dedicated to pet parents

A digital medical record that safe-guards all the info about your furry family member and allows you to share it with your vet.

Worked on the mobile app together with the UX Rocks team. We managed the discovery, conceptualization, UI and user testing. Provided support to the dev team for implementation.

Other works

Unified, no-code, enterprise automation SaaS platform

Enabled the virtual workforce with business automation with solutions for multiple areas like: Sales performance management, Sales operations, Service management, Workforce performance, Finance automation, etc.

Worked on several improvements and new features in the product (eg. Territory alignment, Mobile app, Integration with third party apps); focused on UX research (user interviews and leading different UX workshops and Design sprints); worked on the Design System.

Music Festival app - Case Study
  • first project to showcase the Design Sprint Process

  • took the challenge of a mobile app and tried to improve the overall experience of the festival participant

  • did a research survey to learn about the festival participant, to see the pain points and what are the possible features we can focus on, beside secondary research (competitive analysis, other studies)

  • presentation of the project: Fast Ways to Create Better Products

Medical trial enrolment
  • Worked on a product called TrialConsent (now eConsent). This product makes the process of enrolling into a medical trial easier for all the parties involved: patients, clinics (doctors, nurses, all medical personnel) and sponsors. There were 3 different products involved, all focusing on each main user persona. The medical trials field is quite regulated so we had to make sure we are following each rule and provide access to the right and allowed to access data to each of the personas.

Simap mobile app (Namogo - 2016)
  • worked on the mobile app (both iOS and android) and did the research part, sketches, wireframes and UI. Supported the development team along the way for a better implementation.

  • Link to store

Presentation: How to: User Testing [Fail Fast and Fail Often] (Codecamp 2019)
  • introduced audience to user testing

  • talked about user test plan, script, selecting users, finding patterns and problems

Presentation: Faster Ways to Create Better Products (Codecamp 2018)
Presentation: Research First. Design later. (Codecamp - 2015)
  • talked about the importance of asking WHY, before starting working on designs, the importance and the impact of research on digital products.

  • Slides: Research First. Design Later.

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I work with people, not for people. I’m looking for projects that challenge me, people that inspire, and experiences to remember. Got an idea or need help? You can always contact me via email at